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Predator Omega by doug7070 Predator Omega by doug7070
An evolution of my signature assault pistol design.
Rendered in Blender 2.61 using Blender internal render engine.

Weapon specifications (absolutely not doable with modern technology.)

Maximum projectile muzzle velocity: ~10,000 feet per second.
Maximum muzzle energy: ~15,000 Joules.
Maximum effective rate of fire: 1,300 rounds per minute.
Maximum effective range: unknown.
Maximum projectile temperature: ~3,100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Weapon recoil at maximum design limits: Dangerous to human hand and arm bones.

Weapon operating principals:
The idea behind the Predator weapons is that of a gravity well projectile accelerator. In theory inside the barrel of the weapon some form of matter capable of manipulating gravity would be used to produce a gravity well along the inside of the barrel, this effect being used to accelerate projectiles to extreme speeds.
Also inside the barrel are four spiraling metal rails; these rails serve to apply spin to the projectile. These rails also can be used to apply a large amount of electrical current to the projectile as it travels down the barrel, heating it to a nearly molten state.
The weapon's magazine is designed around a compact mass transfer device, capable of feeding ammunition into the weapon from a remote storage location.
Finally, on the outside of the weapon are multiple vents. These are used to vent liquid nitrogen around components of the weapon that become hot during operation.

And yes, I know that with these specifications this weapon is completely impractical, would likely break the arm of anyone firing it, and could very well be in defiance of multiple laws of physics.

All model and texture credit to me, excluding the base salt flat texture; which was provided free of charge by a Team Fortress 2 mapping site.
miha9000 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012
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bigton Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012   Artist
O.O a mass accelerator, gravity gun, railgun all in one? yes plz
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